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VGEL - Velocity® Gel

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Item #VGEL - Velocity Gel
Price Each2.302.

BIC® Velocity® Gel

Item #VGEL

  • Acid-free ink Smooth, vivid gel ink

Screen Printing (SP): Price includes a 1-color barrel imprint. See diagram for imprint area, location and number of colors.

Imprint Area
SP: 1 3/4"W x 7/16"H (max. 1 color)

Product Dimensions:
9/16"W x 5 19/32"H

Product Colors
Black, Blue
Choose 1 pen/ink color. All include solid color trim. Ink matches barrel color.

Point Style / Ink Color / Options
Gel Ink / Black, Blue

Production Time: 5 working days.

Product Weight: 300=8 lbs (approx.)

Writing Instruments

Shipping and Handling

Shipping and handling charges for Writing Instruments will be calculated based on the BIC Graphic preferred carrier and service level shipping from Clearwater, FL.

Decoration Options

Screen Printing

Match Trim Color
For most writing instruments, stock imprint colors have been developed to match the trim colors or to complement cap or barrel colors. Simply request a "match trim" imprint.

Additional Stock Imprint Colors
In addition to "match trim" imprint colors, the stock imprint colors shown below are available.
Red 186
Maroon 202
Burgundy* 208
Magenta* 205 (previously pink)
Pink* 211
Cream* 1345
Orange 172
Lemon 114
Athletic Gold* 116 (previously yellow)
Teal* 327
New Dark Teal* 316
Forest Green* 341
Process Blue
New Royal Blue* 293
Reflex Blue*
Navy Blue 281
Purple* 2587
Brown* 1545
Charcoal Gray* 424
Metallic Gold 872
Metallic Copper* 876
Metallic Silver 877
Metallic Green* 8283
Metallic Blue* 8203
Metallic Magenta* 8085
These imprint colors are for reference and ordering purposes and may not be exact representations of the actual colors. These colors do not necessarily match the trim color of our Writing Instruments.

Additional Stock Metallic Imprint Colors
The stock metallic imprint colors shown above are available at no additional charge and are ideal for products that have metal trim.

Non-Standard Imprint Color Matching
The charge for non-standard imprint color matching is $30(G). Please specify the non-standard color number. We will match to the coated (C) stock only (example: 203C). For all magnets, mouse pads, and digital color graphics writing instruments, we will match to the uncoated stock color only.

Registered Imprint Location
The imprint location on BIC® Clic Stic® and BIC® WideBody® pens may vary slightly with a one-color imprint only. A positioned imprint location is available upon request for an additional charge of $.12(C) per pen.

Minimum Line Weights & Type Sizes
Minimum line weight is .5 at final imprint size. Minimum point size for copy is 6 point.

Laser Engraving

All Sheaffer® and BIC Select writing instruments include 1 line of laser engraved repeating copy or personalization (up to 25 characters) (except Y214, Y215, WBMET, WBMETG and STLB). Add $.60(G) per pen for second location or personalization. Add $.20(C) per pen for oxidation. Optional 330º laser engraving is available on BIC Select writing instruments (except WBMET, WBMETG and STLB). Set-up charge is $50(G) per order. Add $.60(G) running charge per pen.

Digital Color Graphics

Your artwork should be laid out at 100% of size. INCLUDE ALL BLEEDS. Colors or images may not exactly align at seam. Seam overlap may result in a slightly darker image. Imprints shown on stock themes are for example only.

Art intended to print to the edge must extend 1/8" beyond the Image Area.

Full-Color Images
Full-color images should be supplied as digital art in the CMYK color mode. Please DO NOT send photographs or printed pieces as art. All RASTER images should be 300 DPI (1200 DPI for bitmaps). Include all PLACED or LINKED images with your art file.

Color Matching
Digital-Color Graphics Writing Instruments are printed with 4-color process inks as opposed to spot color inks. ALL COLORS will be converted to the 4-color process equivalent. An exact match cannot be guaranteed. If color is critical, we recommend a color proof. We convert ALL color files for Digital Color Graphics to the CMYK color mode because these items are printed with 4-color process inks. Art in the RGB color mode or with SPOT COLORS (non-standard imprint colors) can cause a color shift. It is best for you to make the conversion BEFORE sending the art.

Imprint Areas
When creating your own custom Digital Color Graphics background, please visit to download templates. Use these when creating your layout and artwork. All text and essential information should be inside the "text area". The "image area" should contain only background images (any text could be cut off). The "clip area" should be filled with background image or color, but copy in this area should be avoided.

BIC® Digital Color Graphics item templates can be found on individual product pages at

Please Note: If artwork has a white background, it will appear more translucent than opaque.

Puffy Printing

High-gloss puffy imprinting is available for $.25(C) per pen on a variety of our most popular products!

Puffy Ink Available on:
  • BIC® WideBody®
  • BIC® WideBody® Grip
  • BIC® WideBody® Color Grip
  • BIC® WideBody® Clear Grip
  • BIC® WideBody® Clear with Ice Trim
  • BIC® WideBody® Chrome Grip
  • BIC® Intensity® Clic Gel
  • BIC® Media Clic
  • BIC® Media Clic Ice
  • BIC® Media Clic Grip
  • BIC® Media Clic Ice Grip
  • Layout & Hard Copy

    Always provide a layout and a hard copy of your art so that we will know exactly where you would prefer art to be placed. Please provide a color composite for multicolor images. VECTOR ART is preferred; Photoshop (layered .psd) files are acceptable for photographic images. Text should always be VECTOR ART for sharpest imprint.

    For stic pens and retractables, the imprint layout will be right-handed. For two-piece writing instruments, the imprint/engraving will be horizontal and will use Layout A, unless otherwise specified.

    Two Piece Pen Layout Twist Pen Layout

    Stock Cap Slogans

    Add a stock cap slogan to the BIC Select Y215, WCLR, WCCR or ESTB; Sheaffer® PLCGR, PLCGB, PLCCR, PLCCB, PLR, PLB or S500B. All stock cap slogans are shown below. All barrel imprints will default to Snell or Times font unless otherwise specified.
    Stock Slogans

    PhotoFast Emblems

    Emblems BIC Select — Clip

    Available on a variety of BIC Select pens. $2.50(G) per pen.

    Sheaffer® — Clip
    Available on a variety of Sheaffer® pens. $2.50(G) per pen.

    PhotoFast Emblems
    Set-up charge $18(G) plus $2.50(G) per emblem. Round, square and rectangular shapes. No minimum quantity required. Emblem Shapes

    Production time: 5 working days for quantities of 250 or less. Call your distributor for lead time on emblem quantities over 250.

    Custom shapes are available. Quote upon request.

    BIC Warranties on Sheaffer® Writing Instruments

    Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Select Sheaffer® writing instruments are guaranteed against mechanical failure due to original factory defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of their first owner. Should such failure occur, please return the complete instrument to the nearest authorized Sheaffer® Service Retailer with proof of first ownership. It will be repaired or exchanged for one of comparable value, free of charge. Please visit for additional information. This warranty does not cover loss, accidental damage, misuse or abuse. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights which may vary from state to state or country to country. Applies to Sheaffer® Legacy® and Sheaffer® Prelude® writing instruments.

    Limited 1-Year Warranty

    For a period of one year from the date of purchase, Sheaffer will repair or replace, at its option, this writing instrument, free of charge, if it has a mechanical failure due to defect in material or workmanship. This warranty does not cover loss, accidental damage, reasonable wear and tear, misuse, or abuse such as improper use and care. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights which may vary from state to state or country to country. Applies to: Sheaffer® Sentinel®, Sheaffer 100 Series, Sheaffer® 500 Series and Sheaffer® VFM writing instruments.

    Non-warranty repairs: $50 any Sheaffer® writing instrument plus $10 shipping and handling.

    Sales (accessories & other): No minimum order but $10 shipping and handling.

    Payment policy is in advance, preferably by major credit card. Personal checks and money orders will be accepted as well, but in advance of any repairs or shipment of purchased items. Please visit for additional information.

    Limited 3-Year Warranty

    These Sheaffer® writing instruments are warrantied against mechanical failure due to defects in material or workmanship for a period of three (3) years from the date of purchase from an authorized Sheaffer Retailer. Should such mechanical failure occur, please return the complete writing instrument with proof of original purchase to an authorized Sheaffer Service Center and Sheaffer will repair the writing instrument. If a repair is not possible in a reasonable period of time, Sheaffer will exchange the writing instrument for one of comparable value.

    This three (3) year warranty is only valid with proof of original purchase and does not cover loss, accidental damage, misuse, reasonable wear and tear, or abuse such as improper use and care. This warranty may be transferred. Sheaffer is not responsible for lost or misdirected mail. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may have other rights which may vary from state to state, province to province, or country to country. Applies to the Sheaffer® Prelude® Mini.

    Ink and Refill Information

    Ink Options

    Gel Ink
    Gel ink is available for $.55(G) per pen on a variety of BIC Select writing instruments. Please see individual product pages and allow for additional working days on your order.

    BIC® Fraud Defense Ink
    BIC® Fraud Defense Ink is available on select BIC® products for $.05(G) per pen. Please look for availability on the individual product pages.

    BIC® Easy-Glide System® Ink
    BIC® Easy-Glide System® Ink is available on select BIC® products for $.05(G) per pen. Please look for availability on the individual product pages.

    Refill Information

    Description Ink Color Item # Min Qty 150
    BIC® WideBody® Family (white cartridge tube)
    BIC® XXL
    BIC® Pro+®
    BIC® Clic Black10010974$.125(G) ea.
    BIC® Clic Gold
    BIC® Citation®
    BIC® Broadcaster® Family Black 10007151 $.125(G) ea.
    BIC Select
    Description Ink Color Item # Min Qty 25
    Roller Ball Black 1600500 $.35(G) ea.
    Gel Ink Black 10010988 $.30(G) ea.
    Sheaffer® Legacy® Heritage & Prelude®
    Description Ink Color Item # Min Qty 6
    Fountain Pen Blue 10010459 $.25(G) ea.
    Fountain Pen Black 10010460 $.25(G) ea.
    Metal Roller Blue 10006427 $1.75(G) ea.
    Metal Roller Black 10006277 $1.75(G) ea.
    Sheaffer® Legacy® Heritage, Prelude®, Sentinel®,Sheaffer 100 & Sheaffer® 500
    Description Ink Color Item # Min Qty 6
    Metal Ballpoint Blue 10006426 $1.50(G) ea.
    Metal Ballpoint Black 10006056 $1.50(G) ea.