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BIC®, the Writing Instruments Expert

BIC® is a worldwide recognised brand for writing instruments

  • More than 100 billion BIC® Ballpoint pens sold since 1950*.
  • Every day**, consumers choose to buy more than 18,5 million BIC ® stationery products.
  • Most of BIC Graphic's writing Instruments are manufactured in our factories.
  • The BIC Group has an integrated production process. The company designs and develops much of its own machinery and masters all the latest manufacturing technologies.
  • Rigorous Quality control systems, an average of 20 tests are performed in each WI product that is manufactured in-house.
Since 1950, BIC Group has always kept investigating the most advanced techniques to achieve the best and the most exclusive inks.
Ballpens are defined as products able to lay a writing fluid on paper via a rotable ball. They are divided in 3 categories.
  • Ball Point pens, that have viscous ink
  • Roller Ball pens, that contain liquid ink
  • Gel pens, that have coagulated ink when motionless but liquid ink when stressed.

*Source: international studies

**Base: 365 days

BIC®, the Lighters Expert

  • Over 40 years, BIC Group has manufactured more than 30 billion lighters*.
  • Each day** around the world, consumers choose to buy 4,1 million BIC lighters.

Since a ligther is a flammable gas tank under pressure and a flame generator, it must comply with safety regulations in force and safety happens to be BIC's number one priority.

  • BIC® lighters offer up to twice the lights than other flint lighters of the same format.
  • 100% of BIC® pocket lighters are made in our own factories with state-of-the-art mass assembly equipment.
  • All BIC® pocket lighters meet or exceed the International safety standards ISO 9944 specifications.
  • All BIC® lighters sold in the EU are conform to the EN 13869 Child Resistance regulation. A Child-resistant lighter is a lighter that at least 85% of children under the age of 51 months cannot operate.

*Source: international studies

**Base: 365 days

BIC Graphic, the Printing Expert

With more than of experience as guarantee!
Make your brand stand out with our printing techniques and finishes

IN-HOUSE PRINTING. 16 different printing techniques:
britePix™ Texture
4-colour process
Screen printing
Pad printing
Laser engraving
Digital printing
Digital transfer
Screen transfer
Offset transfer
Digital label