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Rocketbook® notebook with smart writing | BIC GRAPHIC

Rocketbook® digital notebook

Rocketbook® combines the freedom of a traditional pen and paper notebook with its app technology to send handwritten notes quickly and securely to the cloud folder of your choice. It is designed to be the last notebook you’ll ever need. Follow the instructions included for a clean page that can be used endlessly. You can choose the Core for taking notes, making graphs and sketching, or go one step further with the Fusion for planning, making lists and setting goals. 

The digital notebook is available in 3 formats: Rocketbook® Core Executive A5, Rocketbook® Core Mini A6 and Rocketbook® Fusion Executive A5.

Eco-sustainable notebook

In every school, office and home, we help reduce the environmental footprint from start to finish. The re-usable notebook is more eco-sustainable than the traditional notebook, as it presents a dramatically inferior waste of paper, use of water, and
environmental footprint.

Personalize the notebook with your brand image

At BIC Graphic, we offer the possibility to customize this innovative product with your company's distinctive image or add your logo in a stylish and professional way. With BIC Graphic's Rocketbook notebook, you will not only enjoy a state-of-the-art
writing tool, but also promote your brand effectively on every page.