Our History

December 1950

Marcel Bich launches the BIC® Cristal® ballpoint pen in France. The BIC® Cristal® pen is the first high quality ballpoint pen at an affordable price.
It is sold under the name, a shortened and easier recognized version of the "Bich" name.

Product diversification:

Marcel Bich launches BIC® Cristal® ballpoint pen in France. BIC® is a shortened version of his own name
Creation of BIC Graphic (imprinted products)
Launching of the BIC® lighter
Launching of the BIC® shaver
BIC Group enters colouring and drawing market by acquiring Conté® (France)
1979 BIC® SPORT®
BIC Group enters water sport market by acquiring Tabur marine, which becomes BIC® Sport® in 1985
1992 WITE-OUT®
BIC Group enters correction market by acquiring Wite-Out Products Inc. (USA)
BIC Group entry into the luxury fountain pen market by acquiring Sheaffer Pen Corporation(USA)
1997 TIPP-EX®
BIC Group entry into the European correction market with acquisition of Tipp-Ex GmbH (Germany)
2004 STYPEN®
BIC Group acquired Stypen SA (France) and thus entered the market of school fountain pens since then sold under the BIC® brand.
2006 PIMACO®
BIC Group's entry into the adhesive label market with acquisition of Pimaco Autoadesivos Ltda (Brazil)
BIC Graphic's expansion into the promotional bag market with acquisition of Atchison® Products, Inc. (USA)
Launching of the BIC® phone in France
BIC Group expansion into the European promotional product market with acquisition of Antalis Promotional Products (Europe)
BIC USA acquires Norwood Promotional Products, the 2nd largest supplier of non-apparel promotional products in the USA
Launching of BIC® Education in France, a digital educational solution for primary school teachers and their students.

BIC Graphic is the division in charge of advertising and promotional items for the BIC Group.
In the sixties some customers started to request BIC® Writing Instruments personalised with their logo. In the following years more and more orders came and in 1969 the BIC Graphic division was formed in Europe.

1996 Launching of the first writing instrument for promotional purposes: BIC® Round Stic® 1997 The range of writing instruments expanded with the introduction of the BIC® Clic Stic, BIC® Matic® & BIC® Wide Body 1998 BIC® Pivo 1999 BIC® 4 Colours 2001 BIC® Media Clic
With its quality and the affordable price quickly became a success.
2002 BIC® Grip Roller 2003 BIC® Media Max 2005 Digital printing was launched in BIC Graphic.
The pioneers in Digital
2007 BIC® Media Max Premium 2008 BIC® Media Clic Grip & BIC® Media Clic Grip Digital 2009 BIC® Ecolutions® range 2010 BIC® Intensity ® Clic Gel 2013 BIC® Super Clip 2014 BIC® Wide Body Digital Transparent Chrome 2015 BIC® BIC® Round Stic® Digital, BIC® Super Clip Ecolutions® & BIC® Super Clip Advance 2016 BIC® Clic Stic Stylus, BIC® 4 Colours Stylus 2017 BIC® M10® Clic, Conté® Set of 6 Colouring Pencils
1973 Launching of the first lighter for promotional purposes: BIC® Maxi Lighter (J26)
With its quality and reliability quickly became a success.
1985 The range of lighters expanded with the introduction of the BIC® Mini Lighter (J25) 1991 Electronic BIC® Lighter (J38) 1992 BIC® Slim Lighter (J23) 1997 Launch of our 1st BIC® Lighter Case 1998 BIC® Electronic Mini Lighter (J39) 2000 BIC® Styl’it Fashion Case 2004 BIC® Styl’it Luxury Case 2005 Launch of BIC® Digital Lighters range: 360º full colour printing in high resolution 2006 Launch of Child-Resistant BIC® Lighters 2009 BIC® J25 Digital Transfer 2011 Launch of utility lighter: BIC® Mega Lighter 2014 Launch of new Digital Lighter Finishes: Matte, Puffy Ink, Metallic 2015 Launch of new Digital Lighter Finish: Holographic 2016 UV Printing, Sandy Printing, Puffy Glitter Printing 2017 Glow in the Dark Printing

In 2004 the BIC® Sticky Notes family was launched, recognized by customers as the best complement for their writing instruments.

Due to the great performance of this product family, in 2009 we launched two new ranges;

The BIC® Ecolutions®Sticky Notes; offering the possibility to have 100% recycled paper adhesive notepads

BIC® Booklets, a great set combining an adhesive pad and a BIC® pen together in a unique item.

Now you can print inside! Double the impact of your message

Brilliant, Matt soft-feel, or Pattern finish? Choose the laminated finish that best dresses your message!

After more than 10 years of experience, we have developed the best paper companions for our recognized BIC® pens, looking to offer the same excellence in terms of quality and service.

BIC ® Sticky Notes pads are made of FSC certified paper and water based glue and together with the Ecolutions® range, we offer a solution for all companies that want to bring their social and environmental responsibility to any corporative action including their communications.

Our BIC® Sticky Notes range offers creative communication solutions for all types of budgets. Our full colour printing capabilities ensures your freedom of expression. Choose from any size of adhesive notepad, die cut shape, scratch pad or our exclusive booklets sets to maximize your communication.

Within these 11 years of BIC® Sticky Notes history, more than 51 million units have been sold. The equivalent surface of 280 football fields!