BIC® Media Clic Grip Ecolutions® esferográfica

Secção de preensão confortável.

  • Mix&Match

    Hundreds of colours of components in stock of writing instruments for full personalisation.

  • Manufactured and printed in BIC factories

  • Custom colours

    Choose the exact PMS colour that suits your logo.

  • Made in Spain

  • Low Environmental Impact

    The products are produced and printed in European factories where 100% of the electricity used comes from renewable sources.

  • 100% renewable electricity

    The BIC Graphic Europe factory is powered by 100% renewable energy. Hence, products are made with 100% renewable electricity.

  • Plastic car parts

  • Recyclable

  • Ballpen

    M Medium-F Fine

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BIC® Media Clic Grip Ecolutions® esferográfica


Secção de preensão confortável.

Benefícios do produto

Made with 50% recycled material.
BIC® brand is recognised by 9 out of 10 people: associate your name with a high-quality trusted product.
Mix & Match frosted and opaque colour components to create more than 1,800 different combinations!
Unbreakable clip designed to withstand 6,8 kg of force without breaking: long-lasting brand impact!
Reliable plunger action mechanism: you can click your BIC® more than 10,000 times!
Full in-house manufacturing.
The perfectly spherical tungsten carbide ball contributes to consistent writing.
Long-life ink: high quality, quick drying and smooth writing.

Código Aduaneiro


País de origem



Sustentável (Plástico reciclado)



1.3 cm


14.7 cm


8.6 g


Embalagem standard

40 × 16.5 × 15.8 cm | 0.010428 m³ | 500 u. | 4.30 kg

Embalagem interior




Plunger Action

Largura da linha

0.4 mm

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  • BIC Ecolutions Certificate- MC GRIP FRENCH.pdf Descarregar
  • BIC Ecolutions Certificate- MC GRIP SPANISH.pdf Descarregar