Why BIC Graphic?

BIC Graphic is a division of the BIC Group dedicated to personalising BIC® products, based in Tarragona, Spain since 1995. Renowned for its innovation and quality, BIC Graphic upholds the iconic BIC® brand's legacy of over 75 years by offering high-quality, affordable, and essential products.

With an extensive product range including iconic BIC® writing instruments and lighters, Rocketbook® and Djeep® as well as partnerships with brands like Moleskine® and Sprout™, BIC Graphic embodies its core values of innovation, customer proximity, and social responsibility, where sustainable development is integral to its core and mindset.

As a leader in promotional marketing solutions, its strong presence in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa is characterised by a commitment to providing creative and sustainable solutions that enhance customers' brands.

Iconic and innovative

How does a brand become an icon?

In our case, BIC® began simply. It’s what we call pure, joyful simplicity: offering simple, straightforward solutions that make life easier.

It all starts with a quick movement: someone reaches, retrieves a pen from the bottom of a pocket and draws a sketch on a piece of paper or writes something down. A small, universal movement. Something we’ve all done at one time or another. And that’s how that pen became something different: it turned into the symbol of that moment of inspiration. It became an icon.

But it’s not difficult to make it, it’s difficult to keep it. And that it’s only possible when you are really innovative. Which means travelling in time. To the needs that consumers don’t know they’ll have yet. Because that’s innovation: anticipating dreams and desires. And doing it with a “consumer-centred” approach, which involves thinking about the consumer or, better yet, thinking like a consumer.


Why do we trust the people we trust?

Many things make you trust those you trust. It’s never just one thing, but many. Some are tangible and easy to see. They come in the form of sales figures that reflect leadership and demonstrate that we are consumers’ brand of choice and have been for more than 50 years. They are the result of local production, products of proven quality, and of always being there, providing sustainable, competitive solutions.

But there are other things that cannot be touched because they come from pure emotion. Things that come from facts, more than words. That means commitment and social responsibility.

For more than 75 years, we’ve been working on actions to support education because we believe it’s an essential and fundamental human right. In this context, the BIC Corporate Foundation was created in 2016 to support educational initiatives around the world, primarily through three types of actions: providing grants and product donations, volunteering in our communities and forming global partnerships.

Close to you

Being close is being you.

No more, no less. Just acting, thinking, feeling and being like you, we can understand what your needs are. And this could be everything.

Try it: think of everything that can be imagined with a pen in your hand. The tip of the pen you’re holding comes into contact with the sheet of paper. You imagine something and your hand draws it. Anything you can imagine. This drawing is the perfect representation of how the brand became an icon.
Anything is possible with a pen in your hand. So, anything should be possible when you need solutions. And we know that.