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Mechanical pencils

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Quality Customizable Mechanical Pencils | BIC Graphic

Personalized Mechanical pencils

Stay sharp with this first-class mechanical pencil! It is solid and resistant, never needs sharpening and writes smoother and darker than ever! A mechanical pencil reference since 1993.

Personalization of the mechanical pencil with your brand

These BIC® mechanical pencils not only offer a smooth and precise writing experience, but also allow personalization to highlight your company's image. This allows you to use them as an effective marketing tool. Whether as corporate
gifts or for promotional events, these personalized mechanical pencils will help strengthen your brand identity and leave a lasting impression on your customers and partners.

BIC® Matic® mechanical pencil

Has a writing length equivalent to 2.5 pencils. Contains 2 Hi-polymer HB 90mm leads per pencil and end piece with eraser. Available in opaque colours 

BIC® Media Clic mechanical pencil

The writing instrument par excellence among promotional gifts, our customers' number one, the original. The Media Clic mechanical pencil has a printing option on the barrel and clip in up to 4 colours and thousands of colour combinations for maximum personalisation!

BIC® Media Clic Grip Mechanical pencil

Reliable retractable pencil with soft-touch grip zone. Now it is possible to print up to 4 colours on the barrel.

BIC® brand is recognised by 9 out of 10 people: associate your name with a high-quality trusted product. Mix & Match frosted and opaque colour components to create different combinations! Unbreakable clip designed to withstand 6,8 kg of force without breaking: long-lasting brand impact! Reliable plunger action mechanism: you can click your BIC® more than 10,000 times!

Discover the BIC® Media Clic Grip Ecolutions® mechanical pencil, a more sustainable option made from 37% recycled material.