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Personalised printed pencils | BIC GRAPHIC

Personalisable printed pencil

Wood-free synthetic resin graphite pen made from recycled material that does not splinter when it breaks. Robust HB graphite mine. A reference since 1993.

The solution for colourful communication! The pencil can be personalized to create printed pencils and a logoed pencils.

The BIC pencils range available to print images or logos

Cut-end pencil. The protective sheath of the mine is extremely shock resistant and prevents mine breakage when sharpening.

Pencil with eraser. The protective sheath of the mine is extremely shock resistant and prevents mine breakage when sharpening. The orange shield of the mine
clearly indicates that it is an origninal BIC® Evolution graphite pencil.

This pen enables you to convey a meaningful message and lays the foundation for a lasting relationship. The sustainable pencil that you can plant after use and grow into herbs, vegetables or flowers.