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  • BIC® Grip Roller
    • Manufactured and printed in BIC factories

    • Recyclable

    • Roller

    • Smoother, more flowing writing

    From  1,37 €
  • BIC® Intensity® Gel Clic
    • Manufactured and printed in BIC factories

    • Recyclable

    • Gel

    From  2,15 €
  • BIC® XS Finestyle
    • Manufactured and printed in BIC factories

    • Made in Spain

    • Low Environmental Impact

    • 100% renewable electricity

    • Recyclable

    • Finestyle 0 0,7mm FS

    From  1,40 €

Promotional Roller & Gel ballpoint pen | BIC GRAPHIC

Enjoy a smooth writing experience with the BIC Roller and Gel Pen.

The ballpoint pen glides across the paper easily without smudging thanks to the quick-drying ink, ideal for both left and right-handed people. High-quality rollerball pen with a medium-sized tip for smooth and fluid writing.

Personalizable roller and gel pens

When it comes to gel pens and rollers, all features are important and we all have our preferences regarding grip, weight, or aesthetics. However, pens can be used for other things in addition to writing, drawing, or illustration. A promotional pen with a logo is an essential giveaway to equip your brand with a versatile  promo.

A cool logo pen can grab the attention of people around you and attract the interest of your customers and visitors to your company.