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Personalized Lighters | BIC GRAPHIC

BIC is the world's number one in personalised lighters with logos.

The iconic, well-loved and time-honoured shapes of BIC® pocket lighters remain on trend! Four different sizes and a wide range of colour combinations to personalise your lighter. You can also print your lighters with a picture.

Find the lighter between J25, Lighter J23, Lighter J26, Lighter J38, Styl’it Luxury Lighter Case, Aluminum Flat Lighter Case, Clip Lighter Case, 3D Lighter Case, Pocket Ashtray.

High quality lighters

100% of pocket lighters are manufactured by BIC in Europe. All BIC® Pocket Lighters are made in BIC® factories. This is the starting block of the BIC® lighter safety guarantee.

BIC® has acquired 50 years of incredible manufacturing expertise to guarantee the safety and quality of its products.

Before leaving the factory, every BIC® Lighter undergoes more than 50 automatic quality and security checks. All BIC® pocket lighters meet or exceed international standards and regulations requirements (ISO 9994, EN 13869, ASTM F400, US CPSC). Don ́t risk it, buy BIC®!