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Other Writing Instruments

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Personalised pens for branding communication | BIC GRAPHIC

Customisable pens for brand enhancement. Other writing instruments

Discover personalised pens that redefine style and functionality. Elevate your brand and make a lasting impression with our othercustomisable writing instruments.

BIC Basic pen

Retractable ballpenoffered in a large range of opaque colourswith polished finish. Whether you need a reliable tool for everyday note-taking or a versatile option for corporate branding, our Basic Pen is the ideal choice. Explore our diverse colour range and elevate your writing experience!

BIC Click pen

Frosted colouredbarrel with soft rubberised grip and clear transparent trim. Now, you can make it uniquely yours by adding your custom imprint, logo, or message. Elevate your brand, express your creativity, and enjoy a premium writing experience with our customisable Click pen. Explore the possibilities and design your perfect pen.

BIC Striped Grip pen

Popular retractable ballpenfeaturing clear colouredbarrel, solid colouredtrim and shiny chrome colourhighlights. Now, you can make it uniquely your own by personalising it with your logo, branding, or message. Whether you're looking to leave a lasting impression with clients or enhance your corporate identity, our customisable Striped Grip Pen is the perfect choice. Explore customisation options and create a promotional tool that stands out.

BIC Sleek Stylus pen

Multi-function slim profile ballpoint pen with stylus on top for capacitive touchscreendevices. Glossy finish barrel and metal trim. Customise this pen with your logo or messageto create a lasting impression on your clients or team. Stay sleek and connected with the Sleek Stylus pen.