The BIC Graphic Europe guarantee
Sold products are guaranteed for their originally intended use. This guarantee obliges the seller to replace defective products as well as pay for the cost of transport, according to active Postal tariffs, that this replacement may imply. Any defect or deterioration resulting from the use in which the product was originally intended, action of an external agent, or modification of the product unforeseen by the maker will not be covered by this guarantee. The buyer declares and guarantees that he will not submit the products supplied by the seller to any personalised printing with a “reprehensible” message/design. The buyer equally declares and guarantees that the messages presented for personalisation do not contain any third party personal or intellectual property rights. As such, the buyer guarantees the seller against all action, complaint or other legal action by any person that may occur against the seller due to damage or harm related to the personalised imprint requested by the buyer. This guarantee will apply to all damages, costs, expenses and fees that may be demanded from the seller.
Order Acceptance
All orders are binding upon the corporation only after acceptance by BIC Graphic Europe.
Factory changes
Occasional price modifications, terms and conditions, items and colours are subject to change without notice. Production BIC Graphic Europe 7-Working-Day Service (shipping excluded) is available for all standard orders for all standard orders for maximum quantities, number of imprints and standard packaging of the catalogue 2021. Production time begins upon receipt of complete order or after proof or sample approval. All orders are subject to credit approval. Changes will delay orders and must be authorised by BIC Graphic Europe. After production has been initiated, orders cannot be changed or cancelled. Incomplete orders will be put on hold or returned. This will delay ship dates. We reserve the right to supply 5% more or less product for all printed orders.
BIC Graphic select best available carrier for ground shipments, unless otherwise requested. We cannot assume responsibility for time delays in transit. Our responsibility ceases when merchandise is delivered to the carrier. Merchandise damaged in transit is the responsibility of the carrier. If you require a specific shipping date, it must be noted on your order. Please supply complete street address, with full postcode. Lighter orders: The transport of lighters is subject to specific safety constraints.
Standard Selections
Unless otherwise specified, the following will apply:
• Imprint will be horizontal and for right-hand writers.
Catalogue illustrations
Please note that no complaint will be accepted for invoices over three months old. BIC Graphic Europe will acknowledge and take actions on a complaint once it has been received in writing and samples have been provided (if necessary).
Terms of Payment
According to agreement. Prices in €.
All products are available for European, Middle Eastern & African countries.
Governing Law and Jurisdiction
All orders placed with BIC Graphic Europe SA will be governed by Spanish Law.
If there would be any unresolved discrepancy between the Parties, it will be submitted to the Courts and Tribunals of Tarragona, Spain.